Dhaliwal Laboratories handles the contract manufacturing and private labeling of personal care products, cosmetics, over-the-counter drugs, and medical devices. We manufacture and fill a wide range of products, including: skin care, hair care, liquid soaps, deodorants, high alcohol content products, acetone based products, organic products, green products, lip balms, fragrances, mascaras, analgesic products, animal care products, OTC, medical devices and more!


  • Chemists dedicated to research and development
  • Analytical testing to ensure quality
  • Ability to take your concept to fruition
  • Options for product development include
    • Develop unique, difficult formulations that are protected and confidential
    • Over 1000 stable book formulas as basis for modification
    • Take customer supplied formulas and improve upon them as requested
    • Take customer supplied formulas and improve upon them as requested


  • Experienced compounders with over 50 combined years of experience
  • All lab formulas are scaled-up to production with the supervision of our R&D personnel
  • Bulk product is tested for consistent quality against product standards
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Homogenizers ensure stability
  • lnline colloid mills create the smoothest emulsions
  • Large boilers and chillers
  • Separate compounding areas for explosion proof and general cosmetics


  • Stability testing for shelf-life,including:
    • Accelerated stability studies
    • Real-time stability studies
    • Centrifuge studies for separation
    • 7-day freeze/thaw testing
  • Micro challenge testing and inoculation
  • All required OTC testing, per FDA and other agency standards
  • USP Quality water with daily testing
  • Packaging tested according to American National Standards Institute
    • Incoming components are inspected upon arrival
    • Inspected for both major and minor defects
    • Components are compared to product standards to ensure consistency


  • Our labeling abilities match our diversity in filling:
      • Vials
      • Small bottles
      • Oval tubes
      • Round tubes
      • Front/back products
      • Gallon jugs

    And have high tech capture model for any type labeler orientation

  • Leader in steam sleeve and shrink wrapping
    • Leader in steam sleeve and stem shrinking from small bottle/ jars to a jug
    • Fully Automatic shrink wrapping system for individual product to multi pack


  • Versatile filling capabilities:
  • Plastic and Metal Tube Fillers – 3ml to 12oz
  • Currently fill sizes of 0.2 of an ounce up to 1 gallon bottles and 0.25 of an ounce up to 10 pound pouches
    • Ability to do hot fills, cold fills, alcohol or acetone based products, among others
    • Multiple packet filling, from 0.25 of an ounce up to 2.50 ounce packets
    • Multiple power salt filling machine, from 5 ounce to 10 Lb pouches
    • Multiple tube filling machine for plastic, aluminum or metal tube that can accommodate a variety of quantities, anywhere from small runs to large can run and cold and as well hot products