Dhaliwal Laboratories handles the contract manufacturing and private labeling of personal care products, over-the-counter drugs and cosmetics. We manufacture and fill a wide range of products, including: skin care, hair care, liquid soaps, deodorants, high alcohol content products, acetone based products, organic products, green products, lip balms, fragrances, mascaras, analgesic products, animal care products and more!


  • Chemists dedicated to research and development
  • Analytical testing to ensure quality
  • Ability to take your concept to fruition
  • Options for product development include
    • Develop unique, difficult formulations that are protected and confidential
    • Over 1000 stable book formulas as basis for modification
    • Take customer supplied formulas and improve upon them as requested
    • Take customer supplied formulas and improve upon them as requested


  • Experienced compounders with over 50 combined years of experience
  • All lab formulas are scaled-up to production with the supervision of our R&D personnel
  • Bulk product is tested for consistent quality against product standards
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Homogenizers ensure stability
  • lnline colloid mills create the smoothest emulsions
  • Large boilers and chillers
  • Separate compounding areas for explosion proof and general cosmetics


  • Stability testing for shelf-life,including:
    • Accelerated stability studies
    • Real-time stability studies
    • Centrifuge studies for separation
    • 7-day freeze/thaw testing
  • Micro challenge testing and inoculation
  • All required OTC testing, per FDA and other agency standards
  • USP Quality water with daily testing
  • Packaging tested according to American National Standards Institute
    • Incoming components are inspected upon arrival
    • Inspected for both major and minor defects
    • Components are compared to product standards to ensure consistency


  • Our labeling abilities match our diversity in filling:
      • Vials
      • Small bottles
      • Oval tubes
      • Round tubes
      • Front/back products
      • Gallon jugs

    And have high tech capture model for any type labeler orientation

  • Leader in steam sleeve and shrink wrapping
    • Leader in steam sleeve and stem shrinking from small bottle/ jars to a jug
    • Fully Automatic shrink wrapping system for individual product to multi pack


  • Versatile filling capabilities:
  • Plastic and Metal Tube Fillers – 3ml to 12oz
  • Currently fill sizes of 0.2 of an ounce up to 1 gallon bottles and 0.25 of an ounce up to 10 pound pouches
    • Ability to do hot fills, cold fills, alcohol or acetone based products, among others
    • Multiple packet filling, from 0.25 of an ounce up to 2.50 ounce packets
    • Multiple power salt filling machine, from 5 ounce to 10 Lb pouches
    • Multiple tube filling machine for plastic, aluminum or metal tube that can accommodate a variety of quantities, anywhere from small runs to large can run and cold and as well hot products